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10 Reasons To Use PBB To Grow Your Opportunity.

Passive Business Builder (PBB) works with any income opportunity with a multi-level compensation plan.  If your opportunity allows you to earn referral commissions from 2nd level associates or deeper, then PBB is a great option for you to grow your business.

Not affiliated with a primary income opportunity yet?  No problem!

Passive Business Builder (PBB) is made up of members affiliated with different income opportunities.  For example, the member profile displayed on this page showcases the primary business opportunity of the PBB member.  If you are looking for a new opportunity, visit their referral link to learn more about their opportunity and join if it’s a good fit for you.

You are not required to join the primary opportunity of a PBB member.  If you are searching for a new opportunity, but are not interested in the opportunity presented on this page, feel free to proceed to the additional income streams section and complete the steps to become a PBB member.  You will be able to continue your search for a primary opportunity and include it in your member profile after becoming a PBB member.

The financial commitments required for the various primary opportunities promoted by PBB members will vary, so you will want to do your due diligence in learning about the start-up fees and any ongoing financial requirements to remain active.

We work with a reputable lead source to give you access to an ongoing supply of free business opportunity leads, so you will always have people to share your opportunity with through the PBB recruiting system.

Advertise for free on our recommended mlm social network; where you are more likely to recruit leaders and other prospects who are already receptive to the idea of a multi-level marketing opportunity. 

Because many of the members on the platform are already involved in a primary opportunity, the PBB recruiting system converts well since it gives them a useful resource to build their business. 

Even if prospects are not interested in joining a new primary opportunity, you can still earn commissions from the additional income streams they signup for under your referral link.

All PBB members receive a free listing in the PBB members directory where they will receive valuable exposure from visitors browsing the directory in search of a new home business opportunity.

All prospective members are required to share the PBB profile of the referring member on facebook or Twitter in order to unlock the the registration page and gain access to the PBB recruiting system.  This mandated sharing essentially trigger an endless free viral promotion from social media sharing.

The vendors we direct PBB members to for free marketing resources have affiliate programs with which commissions can be earned anytime service upgrades are purchased by a referred PBB member/visitor.

Because we have your best interest at heart, we pass those potential earnings on to you by inviting you to become an affiliate for the recommended vendors, so you can be the beneficiary of any referral commissions originating from your PBB profile.

PBB is valuable to both affiliated marketing associates and business opportunity seekers.  Because there is something for everyone, it is possible to earn from the additional income streams even if prospects choose not to join your primary income opportunity.

We provide free training in the members area; taking that off your plate.  All you have to do is promote your PBB profile link and the system takes over from there; freeing up your time so you can focus on the activities that bring you new recruits.

We provide free marketing tools to help you, and your team, easily get started.  You’ll have access to email scripts and banner ads to be used for the free biz opp leads and free advertising sources.

3 Easy Steps To Get Started

1. Signup

Review the member profile below and signup for the business opportunity (optional), and the additional income streams.

2. Share

Click the facebook or Twitter social button on this page and share this PBB member's profile to unlock the PBB registration page.

3. Plugin

Register for PBB, then sign in and complete your profile by adding a picture and plugging your referral links into your PBB profile!

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