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Viral Marketing System Helps Disabled Wife Become Breadwinner While Bedridden

  • ZERO signup costs.
  • SIMPLE non-intrusive marketing strategy.
  • Business fueled off of FREE LEADS.
  • Requires only a COMPUTER and INTERNET connection.
  • Run PART-TIME in just one to two hours per day.
  • No purchase requirements to EARN on direct sales

How My Disabled Wife Became The Breadwinner Working Her PART-TIME Home Business From BED!

About 8 years ago, my wife was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.  Although in excruciating pain, she worked as long as she could, up until last year when she was laid off and lost her health insurance.

Although we were able to continue the pain management treatment, we could not afford to pay for her Rheumatologist visits out of pocket, which was necessary for her to continue the $11,000 infusion treatments she was taking.

This was devastating.  The infusion treatments were the only thing that was working for her…and believe me when I tell you she tried everything.

While unemployed, her condition progressed and she was never able to go back to work. This left us on my sole income, which fluctuated since I am self-employed.

Suffering and feeling helpless, my wife wanted to help out with bills. She began looking for home business opportunities.  The first company she joined, was a scented candle company that required her to pay $49 to join and maintain a minimum order amount to remain active.

The company had a multi-level compensation plan, which was a plus for us, but it was hard to find people willing to make the $49 commitment plus maintain the required sales volume to remain active.  Furthermore, it was a very visual business; requiring inventory and in-person demonstrations to be able to effectively communicate the quality of the product.

Without the income,  it became too financially difficult for us to continue, so we made the decision to move on and find something more realistic for our situation.

A short while later, we discovered a business that was free to join, and required no purchases or auto ships to earn commissions on direct referrals.  We liked the idea that we didn’t have to buy product that we didn’t need just to get paid for the people we referred.

What was most appealing was my wife had recently begun using the same health supplement the company offers for pain relief and was having exceptional results, so she was already passionate about the business before we even joined.

We signed up for the free business opportunity and started attending the weekly training conference calls, which provided both motivation and invaluable training content.

As a contractual and freelance web developer, and owner of a small ecommerce website, my plate was already full, so my wife took the lead on promoting the new business.

She used facebook to promote the business, but was not getting results she had hoped for with the method she was using; until she learned about a strategy on our weekly training call that she implemented right away.

Then everything changed…

She started getting inquiries and signups. The next thing you know, her signups started getting signups and we started seeing paychecks!

Here’s how she did it…

My wife was doing just fine working 1 to 2 hours a day, and I knew if she kept doing what she was doing we would continue having success, but I also knew the pain, sleepless nights, and stress of having rheumatoid arthritis drained her of energy, and I wanted her focusing on her health; not promoting a business.

Can you imagine trying to run a business in the kind of agonizing pain heard through the cries of suffering in the following video…

That is not some random video pulled off Youtube.  That is actually a recording of my wife captured for an  RA support website we have.  I wanted to capture the sounds I hear often while working, and I previously asked her if it was okay to do so, but she had no idea I was recording it at the moment. 

Although she was only working a couple hours a day, and the supplement she is taking has considerably helped with the intensity and frequency of her flareups, RA still takes a lot out of her, and I wanted to do everything I could to take as much off of her plate as possible, so I figured out a way to passively propel and accelerate her business growth.

Here’s how I did it..